Start a business that is environmentally-friendly and safer for your family and pets


NaturaLawn® of America has been the leader in organic-based lawn care since 1987. Our safer mission and services resonate with customers seeking safer lawn care for their pets, family, and the environment.


NATURALAWN: Our proprietary organic-based products and biological controls focus first on the root cause of the problem. Our products, combined with corrective actions, prevent the recurrence of the problem. This is why NaturaLawn keeps our lawn care customers for an average of eight or more years. We offer a wide range of consumer and pet-friendly products and services like our natural Mosquito Ranger® and Tick Ranger® programs. We encourage people to explore these options that will provide them with a significantly different lawn care experience.

THEM: Other lawn care companies use harsh and unnecessary pesticides and chemicals which simply treat the symptoms of lawn problems, but they do not resolve the underlying cause of the issues. This of course only delays the recurrence of the problem; it does not solve it.

Did you know that pet franchises are the fastest-growing segment of the franchise industry? Here’s why!

Based on the percentage of dog ownership in the US and what people are willing to spend on their furry family members, pet franchises are exploding. We know that pets are a vital part of the family and should be treated with care and concern for their safety. Our products are designed with pet safety in mind. Harsh chemicals like 2,4-D, linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in pets, have never been used in NaturaLawn programs. Unfortunately, this pesticide is still widespread and available in many weed and feed products at big box stores and local garden centers.

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Meet Some of Our Owners

NaturaLawn or America Welcomes New Franchise Owners Chase & William Atwell in Jacksonville, NC

NaturaLawn or America Welcomes New Franchise Owner Brad Baron in Indianapolis, IN

Franchise Owner Testimonials

"Opening a NaturaLawn of America franchise was a significant investment in my family’s future. The South is a huge market for lawn care, and we see only growth on the horizon. "
Justin Sapp - Oxford, MS Franchise Owner
"Training was outstanding…Even to this day we don’t feel alone. The level of support we get is phenomenal. "
John & April Cannon - Charlotte, NC
"I think the power of the NaturaLawn franchise is that the method and systems we have in place are tried and true. And 20+ years later it’s still the simple little things we do every day that make the difference. "
Roy Good - Frederick, MD
"The support from the corporate office has been instrumental to my success as a new franchise owner. I learned so much during my first year of operations and am extremely confident going forward. "
Diego Antonio - Manchester, NH Franchise Owner
"I purchased a franchise because when you’re in business for yourself, you’re BY yourself. The nice thing about being in NaturaLawn of America is that the franchise owners help each other because we’re not in competition. We’re all here to help and eager to lend advice. "
John Vollmer - Newtown & Madison, CT