Owner Benefits

Marketing & Advertising Promotions Support

There's no need to be worried about how you will market your NaturaLawn® of America franchise business. We will provide you with assistance in creating a sound marketing plan designed for your exclusive territory.

Your support from us comes complete with professionally created marketing and advertising pieces, potential customer lists, a customized website for your franchise business and more.

Operations & Business Management Support

In-depth classroom instruction on setting up your business and managing day-to-day procedures is only the beginning. You‘ll have a Regional Operations Manager specifically assigned to assist you with budgeting, training and field support throughout the year.

You'll have operational support coupled with personal visits from your Regional Manager throughout the year to help ensure your success. We want you to grow so the company can grow as well. It's a win-win partnership.

Purchasing Power & Vendor Relationship Support

No need for you to worry about finding reputable vendors, negotiating prices and being concerned about payment terms.

Your NaturaLawn® of America Purchasing Department has National Buying Programs for you to take advantage of giving you substantial savings in the purchasing of products, supplies and equipment.

We've even negotiated payment terms you'd never be able get anywhere else, and to help you spend time growing your business the Purchasing Department acts as your own "Centralized" ordering team. One call to them and you're free to go about the daily operations of your franchise. They will take care of the rest!

Accounting, HR and Tax Support

Business accounting can be one of the most daunting tasks a business owner will face. As you grow, complications can occur with HR (Human Resource) situations as well as tax questions.

While you will want to have a local accountant to deal with, NaturaLawn of America will provide you most of what you will need for accounting saving you thousands of dollars in accounting fees from your local person.

Technical & IT Support

Dealing with information technology (IT) can be a daunting task for any business owner and this is especially true when you are starting a new business. NaturaLawn of America has removed much of the work and worry by providing you with a new turnkey computer system. This computer system comes complete with all the hardware and software needed for your business to run smoothly.

Our full-time IT/Technology Department will also be available after you open your doors to help with any computer issues that can be handled remotely, or to point you in the right direction for a solution. In the event you have a computer crash, your customer database will be recreated from your daily or weekly database backup.

As a NaturaLawn® of America franchise owner, the support you receive is unequaled in the franchise world. Where other franchise businesses all charge extra for additional support, such as outlined above, we understand the true importance and benefits of helping each other grow.

Just as our expectation is for our franchise owners to treat customers as individuals and help them solve a lawn problem, we impose a similar expectation on ourselves—help our owners grow by treating them as family.